Kitchen Remodel Ideas. Broken Into 6 Easy Sections

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Remodel Ideas. Broken Into 6 Easy Sections

Post by Paul
September 28, 2023

Are you tired of cooking in a cramped kitchen? Do you dream of updating your outdated counters and cabinets? Are you looking for kitchen remodel ideas to transform your culinary space into the heart of your home? Whether your style is modern, rustic, or anything in between, there are endless possibilities to create the kitchen of your dreams. From open shelving to statement lighting fixtures, the options are as varied as your taste.

Kitchen remodeling is easier when you know what you want. We have provided a list of different kitchen remodeling ideas for you to use. So grab a cup of tea and start exploring the ways to make your kitchen makeover a true reflection of your personality and a functional, beautiful space to enjoy with Homez Remodel.

The 6 Elements of a Kitchen Remodel


Transforming your kitchen can be a thrilling adventure, but it can also be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Breaking it down into six sections: lighting, appliances, cabinets, countertops, hardware, and backsplash, can help you continue moving forward and set a clear path for design and remodel decisions.

Each of these sections plays a crucial role in bringing your dream kitchen to life, so taking the time to carefully consider each one is crucial. From picking the perfect countertop to choosing the ideal lighting, every decision will make a significant impact in your new kitchen. Remember, it’s okay to take your time and enjoy the process. After all, your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it’s where many memories are made.

1 | Lighting


When it comes to planning a kitchen remodel, lighting is an essential consideration that simply cannot be overlooked. Good lighting can make all the difference in the world when it comes to creating a functional and enjoyable space.

Not only does proper lighting provide the illumination necessary for cooking and meal preparation, but it also sets the mood and aesthetic of the entire room. From overhead fixtures to task lighting and under-cabinet options, there are plenty of strategies and approaches to consider when thinking about how to light up your kitchen.

Here are some lighting ideas for your kitchen renovation!

Pendant Lights

Pendant Lighting

In the kitchen space, pendant lighting is a fantastic option for its ability to provide ample light where it’s needed most. Its customizable height and placement make it easy to direct light to areas where it’s needed, such as over the kitchen island or dining area. Pendant lighting also often features eye-catching designs that add a decorative touch to any kitchen space.

Whether you’re looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere or a sleek, contemporary look, there are a variety of pendant lighting options that cater to every style preference.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

This type of lighting is installed flush with the ceiling to create a streamlined and elegant look. Not only does it provide a modern feel to the kitchen, but it also offers many practical benefits. One of these benefits is that it can be installed in areas where traditional lighting fixtures wouldn’t fit. Additionally, recessed lighting provides an even and bright illumination making it perfect for task lighting while cooking or preparing meals especially when there is no natural light.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting

This type of lighting can provide many benefits to your space and make it much more functional. Not only does it provide additional light for working on your meal prep, but it also adds a warm ambiance to your kitchen that overhead lighting cannot achieve. It can accentuate features in your kitchen and create a more inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.

2 | Appliances


When it comes to kitchen remodeling, updating appliances is one of the smartest moves you can make. There’s no denying that modern stainless steel appliances not only look better, but they’re more efficient and can make cooking and cleaning a breeze.

From energy-efficient refrigerators to sleek stoves and ovens, newer appliances are designed with cutting-edge technology that saves you time, money and energy. In addition to their practical benefits, updated appliances can also give your kitchen space a fresh, modern look that can instantly add value to your home.



Upgrading your refrigerator can have a huge impact on your kitchen’s overall functionality and appearance. Not only do newer refrigerators offer more advanced features such as smart technology and improved energy efficiency, but they also come in a wider range of styles and sizes than ever before, making it easier to find one that perfectly suits your kitchen’s layout and design aesthetic.



A stove is often the centerpiece of the kitchen, and for good reason. It’s where we spend a significant amount of time cooking meals and gathering with family and friends. However, a stove can become outdated over time, leading to decreased efficiency and even safety concerns. That’s why updating your stove should be a top priority when remodeling your kitchen.

By investing in a new model, you’ll not only benefit from improved performance and increased energy efficiency, but you’ll also have access to cutting-edge features and technology that can enhance your cooking experience. From faster cooking times to easier cleanup and precision temperature control, a new stove can transform the way you prepare meals and make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.



While the dishwasher may not be the most glamorous piece of equipment, an outdated dishwasher can lead to inefficient cleaning, higher energy bills and even leaks. By updating to a newer model, you can reap a multitude of benefits, such as improved cleaning power, a decrease in water usage, and a noise reduction feature.

Plus, many modern dishwashers also offer customizable settings that cater to your specific needs, as well as sleek designs that seamlessly blend into your kitchen decor. Don’t let your dishwasher hold you back from a fully functional and polished kitchen.

3 | Cabinets


When it comes to renovating your kitchen, updating the cabinets can make all the difference. Not only do old, worn-out cabinets bring down the visual appeal of the kitchen, but they can also be less functional over time. Outdated cabinets can make it difficult to organize your kitchen space, and may even cause unnecessary stress when trying to find your favorite cooking utensils.

But by updating your cabinets, you can achieve a sleek and modern look, and maximize your storage space. Not to mention, new cabinets can add value to your home and make your kitchen better with extra storage space. So, if you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, consider investing in new cabinets – it’s a smart move that you won’t regret.

Here are three different methods to update your current cabinets!

Repainting (Paint Dated Kitchen Cabinets)

Painting Cabinets

If you’re not ready for refacing or replacing your kitchen cabinets, a great option is to repaint your existing cabinets. Not only will you save money on kitchen replacements, but repainting allows you to add a fresh punch of color to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a bold new statement or a subtle refresh, painting your cabinets is a great way to achieve a brand-new look without breaking the bank.

Plus, you can choose the exact shade that complements your kitchen’s style and personality or go with simple colors like white cabinets or black for dark cabinetry. Don’t underestimate the power of painted cabinets.


Refacing Cabinets

Refacing old cabinets is a step above repainting your cabinets and an excellent way to breathe new life into your kitchen without breaking the bank. Not only is the cost typically significantly lower than completely replacing cabinets, but it is also a quicker process when factoring in how long a kitchen remodel will take. You can choose from a variety of styles, finishes, and hardware (like glass front cabinets) to give your cabinets a fresh new look while keeping the base of your current cabinets.

Plus, refacing cabinets is an eco-friendly option as it prevents perfectly good materials from ending up in a landfill. When it comes to updating your kitchen, refacing old cabinets is a smart and stylish choice.


Replacing Cabinets

The last option is replacing your cabinets. This will be the most expensive option but there are numerous benefits to updating your cabinets, including more efficient storage options and increased functionality.

Not only will new cabinets be visually appealing, but they also come with a plethora of modern design options to choose from especially when you are desiring custom cabinetry like open shelves. The process of replacing your cabinets is customizable, allowing you to personalize the look and feel of your kitchen to match your own unique style. This means you can look into new wood cabinets or only replace your upper cabinets. Investing in new cabinets will undoubtedly enhance the overall value and appearance of your home. It is kicking out the old and bringing in the new. If you have any questions on what these prices may look like feel free to reach out to us at homez remodel or chech out or blog How Much Should A 10×10 Kitchen Remodel Cost? We Broke It Down to give you a clearer picture on how much it may cost.

4 | Countertops


By updating your countertops, you not only give your kitchen an instant facelift, but you also increase the value of your home. New countertops can provide a fresh, clean space to cook and entertain guests. Eliminating the scratches, burns, and stains from your old countertops can reduce the chance of bacteria buildup, giving you and your family a healthier environment.

Choosing a durable material like quartz countertops or granite countertops, you’ll have a long-lasting investment that will withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It may seem like a large expense, but the return on investment for a kitchen remodel can be substantial. Trust us, the benefits of replacing your countertops during a kitchen remodel are boundless.



Painting your countertops may be the easiest and most cost effective solution when doing a kitchen remodel. Not only is it a cost-effective solution, but there are several benefits to giving your countertops a fresh coat of paint. For one, you can choose any color or pattern to match your design preferences or existing decor. Secondly, it’s a quick and easy way to drastically update the look of your kitchen without a full renovation. And last but not least, it’s a great DIY project that can be done in a weekend, saving you time and money.



Replacing your countertops is more expensive than painting but it might be a better alternative although it costs more. Over time, countertops can become damaged, outdated, or simply not meet the homeowner’s needs. If this is the case you may want to look into replacing your countertops. Not only will it give your kitchen a fresh new look, but it will also provide you with new counter space you need to work efficiently.

Modern countertop materials are durable, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly, adding value to your home as well as your daily life. You can install marble countertops, wood countertops, granite countertops, and more! Investing in new countertops is a smart move for any homeowner looking to upgrade their kitchen.

5 | Tile Backsplash


By remodeling your tile backsplash, you can breathe new life into your kitchen and transform it into a beautiful and modern space. Not only will it elevate the aesthetic, but it’ll also increase the value of your home. Plus, it’s an affordable way to update your kitchen without having to undertake a full renovation.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why more and more homeowners are opting to remodel their tile backsplash. Here are some backsplash ideas you can use for your home!

Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway Tile

The subway tile backsplash is a stylish and practical choice. Not only does it provide a timeless look that never goes out of style, but it’s also easy to clean and maintain. Subway tiles come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can customize your backsplash to your unique design preferences. A popular option are the white subway tiles. Additionally, subway tiles are a popular choice among homebuyers, so installing them in your kitchen can increase your home’s resale value too reach out to us for a free quote .

Marble Backsplash

Marble Backsplash

With natural stone veining and unique patterns, a marble backsplash will instantly add a touch of luxury to your kitchen without breaking the bank. Marble is heat-resistant, so it won’t crack or discolor from exposure to hot pots and pans. Upgrade your kitchen with a marble backsplash, and enjoy its effortless elegance for years to come.

6 | Hardware


One vital aspect that often goes overlooked is the hardware. The knobs, pulls, and hinges may seem like small details, but they can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Updating the hardware can breathe new life into the space and refresh the aesthetic as well as improving ergonomics.

Old or worn-out hardware can pose safety hazards as it may not function properly or could break at any moment. Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize updating the hardware as part of your kitchen remodel to not only enhance its appearance but also ensure it’s a safe and functional space.

New Sink and Faucet

Sink and faucet

A new sink and faucet not only provide a stylish upgrade to your kitchen’s decor, but they can also improve its functionality. Features like deep basins and pull-down faucets can make cleaning up after meals a breeze, while modern finishes like stainless steel can add a sleek, professional touch to your space. There are many different styles you can try in your kitchen sink such as a farmhouse sink, drop-in sink, and undermount sinks.

New Cabinet Handles

Cabinet Handles

Updating the hardware on your cabinets might seem like a small decision, but it can lead to major improvements in the look of your space. Not to mention, it’s a quick and cost-effective way to give your home a facelift. Remodeling your cabinet handles can add a modern flair to older cabinetry or add a timeless and classic touch to a newer design. Furthermore, it can increase the functionality of your cabinets, which can be especially beneficial if you’re someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.


In conclusion, a Homez kitchen remodel can be a rewarding and beneficial undertaking. Replacing or updating elements such as countertops, painting, hardware, and backsplash can significantly enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the space. Options ranging from cost-effective DIY projects to substantial investments like new countertops provide a variety of ways to achieve the desired outcome.

Each of these changes not only contributes to a more efficient and enjoyable cooking environment but also increases the overall value of the home, making kitchen remodeling a wise decision for any homeowner.

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People Also Ask

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

The cabinets often constitute the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel. This is primarily due to the high cost of materials, craftsmanship, and installation associated with premium-quality cabinetry. Cabinets are the backbone of the kitchen, providing essential storage and defining the overall aesthetic of the space.

What are the three most expensive items in a kitchen remodel?

The three most expensive items in a kitchen remodel are cabinets, appliances, and countertops. These elements make up the foundation of any kitchen and are often the most crucial factors in determining its overall look, feel, and functionality. Investing in high-quality materials and finishes for these items can greatly enhance both the aesthetics and value of your kitchen remodel.

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